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Individual varieties being assessed for ground cover ratings.

As an independent company we are free to source the best varieties suited to South West Scotland from all the major plant breeders. All the best varieties have been identified at all the relevant trial sites specific to our trading area. It is very obvious some varieties are better suited to the West Coast of Scotland rather than the drier East Coast.
Our mixtures have been carefully formulated accordingly. Recently many of the new “ABER” high sugar varieties have been included in the mixture range. This has resulted in higher dry matter intakes and significantly improved animal performance – 6% more milk and 20% improvement in liveweight gain. Of all the trials studied no other plant breeder has been able to match this performance.

Trial site in Northern Ireland.

Top quality silage from our renowned Border High Sugar Ley.

It is also relevant to note the excellent ground cover of the “ABER” high sugar varieties leading to a more dense and persistent sward. Please contact us for more detailed information.All our grass mixtures are produced in Scotland and all our seeds comply with the highest standards available (HIGHER VOLUNTARY STANDARD). By ensuring all our varieties meet this strict standard all our mixtures contain the H. V. S. Label.

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